The Big Secret in the K-Pop Industry

4 Big Secrets

The Big Secret in the K-Pop Industry. Fans have many important questions about the ins and outs of the K-pop music industry, and no one can explain them better than K-pop idols themselves. Here are 4 secrets of the K-Pop industry that were “exposed” or openly disclosed by former K-pop…

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Biography of SUNMI Ex Wonder Girls Kpop

SUNMI Eks Wonder Girls Kpop

Here are the Biography, Profile, and Interesting Facts of the Former Wonder Girls SUNMI. Sunmi or Lee Sun-mi is a popular female solo singer from South Korea who debuted as a member of the Wonder Girls girl group in 2007 but left in January 2010 to pursue her academic career….

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Profile and Facts of T-ara Members

This is the bio, profile, and complete facts of the members of T-ara. T-ara is a group of female singers from South Korea formed by MBK Entertainment (Formerly Core Contents Media) in 2009. Starting from 5 members, T-ara released their first song ” Good Person ”for the soundtrack for the…

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Biography of Jeon Somi Kpop

Jeon Somi

This is Jeon Somi’s biodata, profile, and unique facts. Jeon Somi is a female singer of mixed blood from South Korea and Canada. He was born in Ontario, Canada with the birth name Ennik Somi Douma. He got Canadian-Dutch blood from his father, while his mother is of South Korean…

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Profile of TARGET Kpop Member

Member TARGET Kpop

This is the Biography, Profile, Unique Facts, and Complete Photos of TARGET Members. TARGET is a male singer / boy band from South Korea which is currently under the agency JSL Company. Initially, TARGET was under the TSN Entertainment agency and was introduced in 2014, with 8 members. However, one…

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Biography of Ten NCT Kpop

Here are the Biography, Profile, and Complete Facts of Ten NCT Kpop. Ten is a member of NCT from Thailand. He has the real name Chittaphon Leechaiyapornkul. Ten NCT succeeded in becoming SM Entertainment trainees after participating in the SM Global Audition in Bangkok in 2013. Ten NCT was born…

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Biography of Aespa Kpop members

Personnel Aespa Kpop

These are the Biographies of Members of Aespa, the New Girl Group from SM Entertainment. Aespa has released the MV for the debut single titled Black Mamba today, Tuesday (17/11). Finally, this new group from SM Entertainment shows their concept with the avatars Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning. Having a…

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Biodata Super M Kpop personnel

Personil Super M Kpop

These are the bio, profiles, and unique facts of the personnel of Super M. Super M is a new boy band that will debut on October 4, 2019. This boy band is under the auspices of SM Entertainment. Super M itself will become a popular icon for special promotions overseas….

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Biodata Girlband The Ark Kpop

Girlband The Ark Kpop

This is the Profile, Biography of the girlband Ark. The Ark is a newcomer girl group formed by Music K Entertainment. They consist of 5 members namely Yuna Kim, Jeon Min Joo, Halla, Jung Yoojin, and Chu Jaein. Before its debut, the members already had experience in the entertainment world….

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